As a designer I am often called upon to consult on many aspects of product development. My ability to combine a strong technical background with my artisitic skills has permitted me to produce innovative product ideas.

• Inventor, US Utility Patent #4,897,302 “Computerized Photographic Imaging System.”
• Inventor, US Utility Patent #4,688,342 “Multimedia Image Display System.”

I have a broad portfolio of documented new products, most of which I believe to be patentable. I am looking for a development partners for these. Are you interested?

Currently among my personal patent projects I have:

A child safety device
A pharmaceutical packaging product
A motorcycle accessory
A cooking implement
A swimming pool toy
A swimming pool cleaning aid
A child's water toy
A restaurant item
A mechanical display
A coffee making device
Two food products
Two sporting good items
Three military application items

Contact me for more information regarding any of the above projects.